Guest Column | March 11, 2013

Holding The Supply Chain Accountable


By Jeff Clark, 7P Solutions™, LLC

Quality is certainly not new terminology in the pharmaceutical industry. However, I believe it is a term that is sometimes used too loosely within the pharmaceutical time and temperature supply chain. Please don’t get me wrong, there are numerous conferences throughout the year that are very good and focus on best practices, temperature monitoring, security, and everything new in the time and temperature supply chain. There are also many pharmaceutical companies who spend a great deal of money validating their shipping lanes, packaging solutions, and monitoring devices. These are all important initiatives that should be done. The findings of these tests and validations, or the protocols developed, should be used properly throughout all stakeholders of the supply chain.  But this, more times than not,  is often overlooked — or doesn’t occur at all — as a matter of convenience  for all parties involved.