Closer Look At Cell Membrane Shows Cholesterol 'Keeping Order'

Cell membranes form the “skin” of most every cell in your body, but the ability to view them up close and in motion cannot be rendered by many experimental techniques. A team of scientists working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and University of California, Irvine, recently developed a way to magnify them dramatically.

  • Reconstruction Of Prehistoric DNA Refutes Criticism On Theory Of Evolution

    Scientists from VIB, KU Leuven, UGent and Harvard have succeeded in reconstructing DNA and proteins from prehistoric yeast cells. This made it possible to determine how genes developed and evolved into their current form over more than 100 million years.

  • Frost & Sullivan: Biosimilars Market Expected To Soar
    Frost & Sullivan: Biosimilars Market Expected To Soar

    Top representatives from the healthcare industry are confirmed to attend the 2nd Biosimilars Congregation which will take place in London on the 19th and 20th of February 2013. Ranjith Gopinathan, Frost & Sullivan Program Manager for Life Sciences, Europe Practice is set to participate to the event’s Keynote Panel Discussion focusing on challenges and opportunities in the global biosimilars market.

  • Endress+Hauser Introduces OUSBT66 Cell Density Sensor
    Endress+Hauser Introduces OUSBT66 Cell Density Sensor

    Endress+Hauser introduces the OUSBT66 sensor for cell density measurement. Using near-Infrared (NIR) light absorbance technology, the OUSBT66 is a non-intrusive, hygienic sensor that is ideal for real time, in-situ cell production optimization in life science processes, fermentation biomass measurement and algae growth monitoring for biofuel production.

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Gene Expression Wash Buffer Kit Gene Expression Wash Buffer Kit
Agilent’s Gene Expression Wash Buffers are optimized and validated for consistently reliable, high volume, post-hybridization processing.
HydroFlex™ Microplate Washer  HydroFlex™ Microplate Washer

The HydroFlex microplate washer is flexible and reliable microplate strip washer and vacuum filtration in a compact, modular platform

ViralSEQ™ Vesivirus Detection Assay ViralSEQ™ Vesivirus Detection Assay
Viral contamination in mammalian product manufacturing presents a serious risk to the manufacturing process, the manufacturing facility, and the integrity of the product. Vesivirus 2117 is an RNA virus that has reemerged as a potential threat to mammalian cell culture production.
IVD Magnetic Beads: Magnosphere™ IVD Magnetic Beads: Magnosphere™

Magnosphere™ is a superparamagnetic particle for in vitro diagnostics and bio research applications.

FlexCessory™ End-Ported Biocontainer Hanging Stand FlexCessory™ End-Ported Biocontainer Hanging Stand

Meissner has developed a line of accessories to complement our One-Touch® single-use systems portfolio called FlexCessories™. The products in this portfolio are designed to facilitate the secure deployment and streamlined implementation of single-use systems.

Perfusion & Concentrated Perfusion Technology Perfusion & Concentrated Perfusion Technology
Recirculating hollow fiber systems have been used for a long time with mixed results. The recurring problem with these and all other cell retention systems is the difficulty in scaling up and staying sterile.
Benchtop SIP Bioreactor Systems: CelliGen® 510 Benchtop SIP Bioreactor Systems: CelliGen® 510

The CelliGen 510 is a compact sterilizable-in-place cell culture system ideal for pilot to small scale production processes. The modular design features a wide variety of standard options allowing this system to be flexible enough to meet most process requirements.

SDR SensorDish® Reader: Noninvasive On-line Culture Monitoring Of Oxygen And pH SDR SensorDish® Reader: Noninvasive On-line Culture Monitoring Of Oxygen And pH
The SDR SensorDish® Reader is a small 24-channel reader for non-invasive detection of oxygen and pH in disposable 24- or 6-well multidishes. The multidishes contain a sensor spot at the bottom of each well. They are read out non-invasively and non-destructively through the transparent bottom of the multidishes by the SensorDish® Reader placed below them.
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Optima X Series Ultracentrifuge: Energy Efficient Technology, Real-Time Data Tracker

Beckman Coulter's Randall Lockner, marketing manager for centrifugation, explains the highlights of the floor model ultracentrifuge, the Optima X Series.

Large Scale Automated Depth Filtration Video

The Zeta Plus Encapsulated System product portfolio for single-use depth filtration has been expanded to include the Model# 16EZC Multi-Round Holder.

GE Healthcare At AAPS: FTA DMPK Cards

Jim Robbins and Julie Hilton Demonstrate GE Healthcare's Whatman Indicating FTA DMPK cards.

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