• How Biogen Integrated Process Analytics Technology With End-To-End Supply Chain Transparency

    To drive appropriate and dependable critical process control requirements, Biogen explored several novel strategies to increase process and raw material control and optimize communication of data throughout the supply chain.

  • The Evolution Of Anti-Body-Drug Manufacturing

    How ADC chemistry and manufacturing have evolved over the years, present the challenges this growth has created and describe how CDMOs are adapting to these changes to meet customer needs.

  • Mass Transfer Of Single-Use Fermenters To Stirred Glass Bioreactors

    The aggressive performance demands of industrial microbiology have limited the conversion of traditional fermentation processes into single-use systems. In order to address the unique needs of microbial applications, single-use fermentors have been designed to meet the requirements of microbial fermentation instead of being modified from a cell culture bioreactor.

  • Scale-up And Tech Transfer From 100 L SIP/CIP Vessel To The 300 L S.U.F.

    A collaborative study with a new customer with the objective of taking an existing, smaller preclinical E. coli process previously performed in stainless steel vessels and scaling it up quickly using the Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ 300 L Single-Use Fermentor (S.U.F.)

  • The Big (Bio) Freeze

    Reproducible freezing and thawing is critical for successful cell therapies. GE Healthcare’s G. John Morris explains why.

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